Compagina del Denim
Research, passion, creativity. These are the plus of Compagnia del denim and these are the reason why it is a creative laboratory where qualified professionals are confronted daily with talented young people who are starting to take their first steps in the fashion world. Tradition and innovation are our secrets to look to the future and to undertake new projects. Since 2008, Compagnia del denim has been taking part to Cris Conf Group (PINKO) that pushes the team to always pursue new entrepreneurial challenges, competitive and ambitious.
Creative Director

Alessandro Marchesi, was born in 1959 and he has been immediately showing an innate interest in fashion and denim system. His main plus is the capacity to save traditional values and put them in contact with contemporary mood, in a perfect mix among past, present and future trends. When he was 23, he opened his first fashion boutique with a particular attention to brand which were made in Italy, transforming the old tavern of his maternal grandparents in a boutique, “Marchesi store”, for real fashion-vintage addicted. The passion for fashion system pushed him to start other collaborations with Italian famous fashion factories such as Paoloni and Miss Sixty in their own trade department.

To love a pair of jeans, in Alessandro’s opinion, it is like falling in love with a person. As in love affair, you fall in love at first sight for a model of blue jeans which is able to gratify physical and personal skills . But it is only the real denim, like a true love, which gets better with time, wash by wash and it acquires more charm and soul.

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