FW 2019/2020

Rock your world!

The key words for next autumn/winter for TWO WOMEN TWO MEN will be: new dandy & glam rock.

Iconic pieces to mix and match: denim and tartan, tartan and knobs, knobs and denim to create ant conformist and irreverent outfits. The only password for this new season will be: mix with irony and intelligence, making use of the best of the fashion trends in order to create your own style in a denim key.

In TWO WOMEN a rebel classy attitude is asserted for the woman who loves to get ideas from a male style to reach a definite and sophisticated femininity, full of determination, such as those clothes with studs. A must have and new models definitely high waisted to enhance the shape, with the addition of items that have a soft fit to give more value to the outfits. In TWO MEN the British spirit strongly arises, in particular in the choice of tartan reinterpreted in an extremely more contemporary key. New and more current wearability that follows the trend and is aligned with the new needs of the modern man.

Clothes in rock velvet and ribbed with warm and embracing colors are present for men and women. For those who love authentic velvet, there are marbled treatments, various shades of wash always with a strong personality, also for those distressed clothes.