FW 2022/23

Inspired by authentic workwear, designed in a contemporary style: the Collection TWO WOMEN TWO MEN comes as a result of our love for nature, namely for our beloved land, the Marche Region. We have completely revived some of the most iconic classics and redesigned clothing inspired to the 70s, and made them key elements of our Collection Fall Winter 2022/2023.

When it comes to workwear, denim certainly is the most used and most common fabric, and will continue to have its special place in our wardrobes also next season. Jeans are evergreen, they have always been there for us, especially premium quality ones. The total look denim by TWO WOMEN TWO MEN looks even more fierce, with a capsule dedicated to the world of patchwork. The contrast between different denim shades, some lighter some darker, is going to be one of next season’s hottest fashion trends: simply perfect the mix and match between patchwork denim shirt or jacket with patches and trousers.

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