For jeans purists the only jeans that can be considered real are the five pocket ones, all others are denim pants. Therefore they are featured by two front pockets, two back pockets and the famous fifth "money pocket" placed within the right hand front pocket.


Whether they are copper, chromed or bronze, rivets are another detail that tells us something about signature jeans. They are more than a purely ornamental detail, the rivets found in the early jeans had a precise purpose: they were put there to reinforce the pockets of the gold diggers, full of nuggets, so that they wouldn’t tear under the effort.

Rear waistband label

This is the label sewed on the rear waistband and is generally made of leather as for the first jeans ever made and for this reason commonly defined by this element.

Button fly/zip fly

These are the two main fastening methods used in creating denim pants. In any case, the most historical is the button fly.

Seat lining

The seat lining is the reinforced lining inserted in the back pockets and typical of the early jeans that were used as work clothes and therefore needed more support to hold tools.


Labels are inserted inside in order to supply more details on how the jeans were made and where, which in our case, is 100% made in Italy or better still in the Jeans Valley of the Marche region.

Chain stitched

Chain stitched hem is the typical stitch used for authentic jeans, because it holds a certain elasticity.

Outside label

The label inserted on the outside in order to be able to immediately see the size of the jeans, which is then also normally indicated inside of the jeans.