The eclectic mix of the historic New York clubs

Every age has its jeans. Every city has its own trends. Every person has their own favorite jeans. Indeed jeans have become the most universal and loved garment in the world! It is impossible to identify only one “must have” model because everyone should choose their jeans according to their personality and not only according to the latest fashion. “They wear to the body” says the anthropologist Danny Miller, author of the famous book, “Blue Jeans”. An ordinary garment becomes an extraordinary garment because it is able to adapt and feel the soul of the person wearing it. It does not matter which city you live in or how big it could be, even among a crowd of people, when you wear the perfect pair of jeans that knows how enhance and bring out your personality, it will always be recognized.

“Tell me what kind of jeans you wear, and I will tell you what you do” Alessandro Marchesi, provocatively states, the Managing Director of Compagnia del denim and Creative Director of the Two Women Two Men collection. In this SS19 collection of the brand Two Women Two Men, we will discover how the “urban wanderer” experiences and interprets jeans, the nomad wandering from one city to another who feels at home wherever they go, who lives the present but thinks about how to give a shape to the future and always has a passepartout pair of jeans in their bag or backpack, for any occasion.

Therefore, an ample selection of denim materials of various ounces, chosen according to various fits, because there is an extreme care behind the creation of every garment, a search for authentic denim, and a constant search for comfort and versatility. An ample array of fits and models created to satisfy various body types and various types of personalities, proposed with a selection of jackets where denim is always the star of the outfit. Are you ready for this trip around the world’s cities to discover how the denim of Two Men Two Women is interpreted in the new community of “urban wanderers”?

Speciali thanks:

Photographer: Anna Breda
Stylist: Anna Neretto
Art Director: Heero – Creative Projects
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Veronica Ramses

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