There was a charming and magic atmosphere in 2W2M stand during last Pitti edition, in perfect mood with FW16 collection, especially relating to the Fashion Capsule. This project is a four hands work between Alessandro Marchesi and Chantal Tirelli (office Faith3). On the one hand, the genius and the knowledge of denim by Alessandro, on the other hand the creativity and the womanly touch by Chantal which have fulfilled an amazing capsule which was characterized by an attitude vintage, but with a contemporary soul. Forty-five garments (man / woman) that are enriched with refined and precious details, which were inspired by magical and esoteric natural world. For example, the embroideries are inspired by the floral art of William Morris and neoclassical mythological animals, which have reinvented a new image of denim. Moreover, this capsule focuses the attention on RED color which is the symbol of emotion, a category of the spirit, a mental code, an intriguing journey of the senses. These perceptions are also part of Alfredo Rapetti Mogol’s art and one of his painting is dedicated exactly to red color. 2W2M will be the honor to guest this painting at its own stand during PITTI89.