Pitti 87

The icon of woman for 2W2M brands is a mysterious, inaccessible and extremely feminine woman. She is a strong and unconventional person who attracts charming men loving life and arts. This is the atmosphere pursued by 2W2M – Two Women and Two Men in the world in the world in 2015 Fall-Winter. The mood inspiration is the famous movie “Jules and Jim” by the French director François Truffaut, who tells a scandalous “ménage à trois” in Paris, in the early 20s. Jeanne Moreau was the actress who played Catherine, the woman who was loved by Jules and Jim. She became a popular icon of restlessness and passion, sensuality and irreverence that is also expressed through the way of her outfits which were very similar to men way of dressing. (more…)

In this collection you find historical and ultra-feminine leaders such as slim and iperslim fits, but in addition you also find new models and fits in perfect boyish style. They are thought to enhance the fatal and irreverent charm of a charismatic woman, who is more feminine and seductive thanks to sophisticated ambiguity of fabrics and lines typical of the male wardrobe. The sweatshirts are characterized by fluid volumes, sweaters and pants are inspired by garçonne style which plays with the grace and charm of the wearer. The garments fulfilled for 2M collection are thought for charming Dadaist artist of the last century. Trench coats, jackets and denim trousers designed for modern revolutionary artists, full of energy and personality, embellished with patches in rich
fabrics and washes with vintage effects as if they were a true artistic work.

The high quality of denim for this season remains the predominant trait of the entire collection. The treatments are made by our expert craftsmen to bring out all skills and capabilities of fabrics. The new entry of this collection are wool and cotton dyed, woven tartan, which are matched among them and with denim for a modern and more gritty vintage taste. Actually, you could find not only pants, but a real total look, designed for a man and for a woman with a vintage-fashion appeal as in “Jules and Jim” movie. The tribute of movie world is also passed trough hand-drawn stamps which are linked to “movie stars”. The selection of accessories made by 2W2M becomes an important aspect of daily fashion outfits. Hat, cloche and basque are inspired by garçonne style and they were revisited in fashion appeal as well as street-chic bags and backpacks, which are thought for a modern flapper girl and a cosmopolitan Dadaist artist.