New project: 2W2M & ISKO™

2W2M in FW16 collection has introduced a new comfort denim fabric for versatile garments. For this reason has chosen a special ingredient brand like ISKO™, which is world leader in denim production. In the male line, 2W2M has chosen ISKO POP™, an innovative fabric with high performance.
Thanks to an unique technology it is able to ensure a rigid and authentic denim look without giving up a great brilliance, with a comfortable and luxury touch. For the female line, 2W2M has chosen ISKO ReformTM, based on technology with patent registered ISKO RecallTM, which allows a perfectly fit, which is able to embrace the silhouette, giving an effect “one size” slimmer and second skin feeling. The collaboration between 2W2M and ISKO™ will be promoted with a special label to communicate the uniqueness of the project and the key product benefits of the technologies.